Standing Rock Reservation

We gathered on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 7pm on the banks of the French Broad River at the French Broad River Park for a Blessingway for the Waters. It was a ceremony of connection, healing and blessing open to the respectful public. We collected donations to go to the Sacred Stone Camp. If you are not local to this area, please join us energetically in adding your blessing to the waters and land that sustain you and your family.

September 6, 2016 Waxing Moon“The Camp of the Sacred Stones was established April 1, 2016 as a center of spiritual and cultural opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline, and is determined to stop construction through prayer and non¬violent direct action until adequate tribal consultation and environmental review are conducted. The spirit camp is located in between the pipeline’s proposed crossing of the Missouri River and the water intake valves for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, just over a mile downstream.” Standing Rock website

Earth my body. Water my blood. Air my breath. And Fire my spirit.

Two Asheville-based religious organizations–The Coalition of Earth Religions for Education and Support/CERES and Mother Grove Goddess Temple–have issued the following joint statement in support of the people of the Hunkpapa Oceti, the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts to protect their sacred lands from the desecration of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We also are people of the Earth and people of the stones. The great circles of Neolithic Europe were the work of our beloved Ancestors, the Forebears we honor during the season of Samhain, which is upcoming. Those ancient stone monuments are sacred to Pagan peoples throughout the world. And here in the southern highlands of the Appalachian mountains, our growing community often conducts ceremony on the banks of the third oldest river in the world—the French Broad. The elemental chant above (from the late Nicole Sangsuree) highlights our spiritual community’s deep ties to the classical elements and the whole of the natural world.

From the Standing Rock website:
A broad multi-state coalition of tribes, landowners and environmental groups issued a statement in support of the tribal lawsuits and speaking out against the project. The coalition called the USACE process “an egregious violation of the relevant federal environmental laws and the 1851 and 1868 treaties between the US and the L/D/Nakota Nations, which remain the supreme law of the land.”

These strong and passionate people have had enough. These People—like all people–are not expendable. Mother Grove Goddess Temple and CERES stand with our sisters and brothers as they protect their sacred lands, our sacred lands. We join as the ragged remnants of the once-proud European tribes to stand with the People. May our voices be heard, may our Ancestors and our Divine Protectors join with us in this important work. May our relationship with the Earth be healed and acknowledged in its sanctity once more

Water is life. We are water.

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