Wheel of the Year

We celebrate the earth, sun and moon and each season as the year passes. This is what we refer to as the wheel of the year. In order to offer these programs we also must pay our rent, bills, purchase supplies and keep our doors open. We ask for your support in our Wheel of the Year fund.

Wheel of the Year Fundraiser

This community has been so supportive of your Goddess temple–blood, sweat, tears, canned goods and monetary donations. This Wheel of the Year GoFundMe will take care of our annual expenses. We invite you to support the new effort by supporting the work of Mother Grove, the day-in-day out of food pantry, classes, public rituals, workshops, newsletters, supplies, Sunday morning programming, Full Moons, Young Maidens, Maya Angelou Peace Garden and Women’s Wellness Center, and all that Goddess-related and community-supporting jazz. Here’s a way you can do that. With our gratitude and respect.

Although we love our tiny downtown chapel, the dream has always been to Raise The Temple. We are, therefore, beginning our land quest in earnest this year. The Green Circle can focus on acquiring the land. Please contact us directly to support The Green Circle .

Please support us by contributing to our Wheel of the Year Fund-



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