Welcome to the Mother Grove

What if there was a community of people who believe as you do? Who see the Divine as Female, as Mother, as Earth? What if there was a place, a sanctuary where you could celebrate the Goddess as you see Her in all her many names and faces…

What if you could stand in ritual on each of the holy days on the Wheel of the Year, stand in a cast circle, in a temple dedicated to all the aspects and facets that we call Goddess?

It says everything about Asheville that the chapel and offices of the Goddess temple are across the street from the First Baptist Church.

Mother Grove Temple was established in 2008. We have a full schedule of programs including public rituals for the ancient holy days (and Earth Day), religious education for adults and children, Full Moon ceremonies, and rites of passage by appointment.

Workshops and classes are frequently offered in the little chapel, and “In the Arms of the Goddess” gathers clothing and food for members of the community in need. Weddings and other and rites of passage by appointment.

Mother Grove is a 501(c)3 nonprofit church with a focus on the many faces and names of the global Divine Feminine. You are welcome to join us for a Spiral Dance in the park or in the temple,and to stand with us under a bright full Moon.

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